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Are you ready to thrive in a dynamic project economy?   

Welcome to the Whole Learning Project - your online resource for practical project management mentorship and consulting. Join our community and begin your project growth journey today!

Whole Learning Project

The Project Management field is growing!

Many industries are looking for new PMs to aid in driving change within their organizations.

We invite you to join our project learning community, as we host varied learning and mentorship opportunities, packed with actionable insights that will equip you with the tools needed to thrive while managing projects in any industry. 

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Confident businessman waiting for an interview

Our Mission

Tomorrow Starts Now

Our mission is to simplify the process of pivoting into project management, while gaining the agility necessary to thrive in the field. 

We accomplish our mission by establishing 'communities of practice' where we can share knowledge through personal storytelling that is based on real-life experience. The members share mistakes, successes and learnings, while contemplating new ideas and solving problems together.

Our commitment to excellence and responsive learning, which is embedded into programs like The Project Pivot, yields the highest value in terms of education, engagement, and support.

Professor & Students

The Project Pivot: Transition Into Project Management From Any Industry

Learning and Development Opportunities

Construction Managers

So, You Want To Be a Project Manager  [Intro course]

Available now at no cost to you!

So, You Want to be a Project Manager is an introductory course for those who have decided to enter the field of project management, and need to develop a more practical understanding of related expectations.

The course highlights the importance of developing and applying 'Power Skills' (formerly referred to as 'Soft Skills').

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Online Project Pivot Workshop Launch 

(Previous) July 1 - (Only $12 for the recording)

If you missed the Project Pivot workshop on July 1, you can have access to the recording of our project management career pivot community launch for only $12 (an almost 30% price reduction).

This introductory session involved an informal walkthrough and overview of experiences for two PMs (one new to the field and one with over a decade of experience). We also shared recent trends that will affect those seeking to enter the field at this time. I feel confident that you will also gain a great deal of value from this discussion - so register below for the recording. 


Monthly Project Pivot Community Live Workshops (via Zoom)

 Beginning Tuesday, August 1, 2023!

If you feel that this type of content would benefit you, as you approach your project management pivot in a practical manner, consider joining our Project Pivot learning community. 

We are changing our virtual meeting days and times (via Zoom) from the first Saturdays of the month to the first Tuesday of each month (next meeting: Tuesday, August 1). 

In order to accommodate both our U.S. and international participants, we are planning to conduct actionable workshop sessions during the following two time blocks:

1) 6:00 - 8:00pm ET

2) 9:30 - 11:30pm ET

Contact Us

Whole Learning Project always has our doors open. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions regarding our current projects, courses, events, learning opportunities.

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Work Desk

Who is Sherri Long?

Greetings and Welcome!

I manage change and facilitate learning.

I discovered at a young age that I was pretty good at helping people grow. It started with my younger sister and has since blossomed to learners of all ages, including those seeking to make life-changing decisions about their careers, health, and educational planning. 

My family and I were fortunate enough to plan and execute a pivotal life experience that involved moving overseas to teach internationally for several years. Living in the beautiful countries of the UAE and Qatar provided priceless experiences with new networks and countless development opportunities within breathtaking backdrops.

After 20 years in education, I decided to shift my direction a bit and apply my training to managing projects in a more official capacity.

I enjoy managing projects remotely now, leading a team of adults instead of K-12 or college students. I hope to create a community of capable and confident managers who are prepared for project success.

Feel free to book a 15-min discovery call if you would like to discuss the possibilities.

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Work Station


Projects are needed to accomplish work in many different industries. My primary field is learning and development, so most of my work is centered around personal or professional growth.

Just for fun, feel free to take a peek at a few of the learning projects that I have recently managed.  


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You are welcome to examine design documents that detail targeted planning for various business/development goals.

eLearning Development

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Sample a planned eLearning experience that helped to bridge knowledge &/or skill-related gaps.

VILT Training Resources & Learning Materials

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Explore virtual and instructor-led training along with specialized learning materials (including job aids and infographics) to meet your organizational needs.

Image by Chris Lawton

“Change Is the end result of all true learning”

Leo Buscaglia

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