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eLearning: Walk Like a Star!

Case Study: Walk Well, an action-based wellness company, sought a solution to their gradual decline in membership over the past two years due to pandemic-related habits of many former and potential customers (opting to stay home more rather than taking part in their exercise programs). Their goal was to increase active participation in their new Walk Like a Star! Training Course/Program. 

Tools Used in Development: Articulate Rise 360, YT Video

My Role: Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer 

Challenge(s): The major challenge was breaking down the wealth of information into manageable chunks that will help to excite the client's members and spark a renewed and sustainable interest in health. 

Solution: This program is doable--due to it's simple start to finish guidelines, it is something that can be fit into the nooks and crannies of most schedules. 

Results/Reflection: The results speak for themselves, Not only did sustained membership grow by 25% within the first month, but more than half of those who shared their results experienced healthy weight loss and increased energy. I feel that the next module will involve spreading the great news by building a greater number of communities who walk for health. 

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